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All durable change starts with human connection. The collective power of people to create change has never felt more possible and more necessary.

Jane Shore

Co-Creator, School of Thought

Our Story

We are living in a world in which traditional paradigms of school, of business, and of leadership are being reinvented and reimagined. The status quo is being disrupted. Yet to truly reimagine equitable, forward-moving communities, we need to get beyond our personal experiences and see what others are doing. We need dialogue, connection and partnerships among people who might not normally come together. We need thought that leads to collective action.

School of Thought is a vibrant community of changemakers, community builders with a collaborative mindset focused on expanding circles of social impact in micro, meso and macro ways.

School of Thought works from the recognition that there are many ways to solve challenges. Our solutions gain strength when we engage in them together.

School of Thought grew out of the founding energy and partnership vision of the Revolution School and now exists as a way to both fuel the school and fuel the work of and with our partners.

We are a learning community for community builders.

School of Thought is our way of engaging in continuous, purposeful learning—connecting people, gathering around ideas supporting each other’s work, and evolving our thinking and fueling our doing.

What We Do

  1. BUILD We believe that the good things we build end up building us. We co-create gatherings – that ground our learning and empower growth as a community.
  2. AMPLIFY We amplify, clarify and punctuate what works and what matters with, by, and for our collective. We work to ensure learning shared is timely and relevant.
  3. CONNECT We believe in the power of connection. As a community of community builders, we are dedicated to moving beyond traditional networking to engaging in meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships.


Curated Conversations and Events

We organize and celebrate conversation, connection, and partnership among people who might not normally come together.

School of Thought co-creates gatherings that go beyond organic networks and experience to bring together people and ideas, novel dialogue and debate.

This year, we’re partnering with the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools to bring researchers and practitioners together to learn from one another, share resources,  increase knowledge, and make big ideas usable through a series of virtual Community of Thought gatherings.

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