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Prepare for What Comes Next

Get ready to find your place in the world

The world needs agile thinkers and resilient doers, and that’s what Revolution School is all about.

In a dynamic and changing world of education and work, Revolution School students and graduates are ready to add value to their school, community, and workplace immediately. In our school, students practice the same communication, technological, data management, and interpersonal skills needed to be successful in an increasingly diverse and global world.

An education at Revolution School includes one-on-one, personalized support for students as they plan the right next step for themselves.

“The entire Philadelphia community will grow to appreciate the remarkable things taking place at Revolution, a school that will give its students extraordinary preparation for the future that awaits them.”

Ted Dintersmith

Author of What School Could Be and producer of the Documentary “Most Likely to Succeed”

At Revolution school, you’ll:

  • Begin preparing for those next steps from day one.
    Through our unique advisory program and expert adult mentorship, you’ll gather a realistic and practical understanding of your strengths, skills, and interests, giving you a clear roadmap of where you might want to go next.
  • Build a network of support for your future.
    By the end of your sophomore year, you’ll be stepping into a more individualized path and building a unique portfolio of your accomplishments. A living record of your one-of-a-kind academic work and community contributions made up of material as diverse as essays, videos, and examples of computational modeling, your portfolio is designed to demonstrate your preparation for the world far beyond high school. In short, it can help open doors of opportunity in the short and long term.
  • Earn a transcript for college which represents both broad liberal arts education and authentic professional experience.
    With the guidance of experienced college counselors, you’ll be ready to choose and enroll in a post-secondary program that furthers your life path. Your Revolution School experience will provide not only to your content mastery, but also to the signature skills and dispositions that colleges and employers seek today.
  • Take your place in the world.
    Wield your strengths and activate your network to build your opportunities for success. The benefit for the graduate is tangible but the benefit of your connection with others is what makes your work at Revolution School really worth it.

College Counseling

Revolution School provides highly personalized, expert college counseling for students and their families beginning in ninth grade. Our program includes research, the identification of best-fit schools, and support in completing applications.

Our emphasis is on college counseling and education is focused on each student’s interests, talents, and needs. The goal of this student-focused approach is to help every graduate identify their best next step. Our college counseling team works closely with faculty and the Director of Student Life & Academics to help students determine what they want after graduation. We help students apply and gain admission to the best schools and  work with students and families on college affordability. 

Built Into our Schedule

Starting in eleventh grade, Revolution School students attend a college counseling class, SAT prep classes, essay writing and resume building workshops. We visit several colleges campuses, and offer individual student-parent-counselor meetings. We also support families with college funding including financial aid and scholarships. Most students find the process exciting, enlightening, and rewarding.


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