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A revolutionary approach to internships

Coming Soon — REVchat’s Summer Experience

Is your student interested in investigating potential pathways to a career, a college, or a university major? Send us your curious student and we will work together to explore and develop their areas of interest.

We teach the fundamentals of how to:

  • Access and conduct primary and secondary research
  • Interview subjects in the areas of interest
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Distill primary themes
  • Collect and report on data (written and verbal)
  • Develop a methodology for making important decisions

E-mail for more information!

Our Story


REVchat is the capstone effort of a team of Revolution School graduates (Class of 2023) who recognized that internships are very important, but not always productive.

Their internship model focuses on an exchange between high school students who want to learn about various industries and occupations — and businesses that want to interact and support the future of the workforce without the challenges of hosting their own internship program.

Through a series of online interviews, the REVchat interns explore the roles and culture of a workplace. Using MIT’s cutting edge AI technology, the “REVchatters” distill the interviews into a customized report.

While our students explore potential career pathways, businesses build a bridge with Next Gen and the future of work!


Work With Us

Our students want to learn about what you do and your path to get there! We will work with you individually or as a department or team. E-mail for more information!


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