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Our Vision & Values

Our Schools Need a Revolution

It’s happening here and now

The educational landscape

Our world and economy are changing fast.

Change conversations about education are not new. The world is always evolving and our schools need to keep pace. Today’s rate of change calls for rapid and flexible educational innovation. Researchers, business leaders, community members, and families are all looking for the best way to respond.

Technological innovations such as smart machines, automation, and new energy are rapidly altering the social and economic landscape. Learners need an ever-broadening range of skills and experiences that look to the world of the future while also reaffirming the value of essential human relationships and dispositions.

Today’s students will face new opportunities and challenges that require entrepreneurial practices, critical thinking, and cross-cultural competency. The question facing our society is how best to prepare ourselves for the world as it is and will be.

This is the urgent basis for the Revolution School: our children in Philadelphia need hands-on, integrated learning experiences that are grounded in relationships. Together with our students, we are breaking down the walls between learning and life.

Our vision

High school can and should be a revolution.

We envision a different landscape for education in Philadelphia: one where students and teachers are inspired by each other, their world, and what matters. We’ve built an infrastructure that allows a truly place-based, humanistic, learner-centered school to thrive and grow.

Our school rests on the shoulders of innovative educators and invested community members who understand the importance of situating student learning within today’s interconnected world.

Our values

We believe schools should be:


School should never be boring! When every part of your day is connected to the world around you, it’s easy to stay driven, active and engaged —and to have fun doing it. We want our students to be as excited by a Revolution School education as we are!


When students are in charge of their education, it prepares them to be in charge of their lives. We trust them to know their strengths, drive their learning, and be active participants in their communities. By doing so, we empower them to take control of their futures and the future of the world.


Revolution School values individuality as a strength and actively fosters diversity in all its forms within and beyond our community. Encountering and understanding different perspectives is key to becoming a well-rounded thinker and empathetic human being. We encourage diversity through recruiting practices, a sliding-scale tuition model, and deep community partnerships, so our students can thrive in a dynamic, multi-faceted society that’s becoming more diverse and global every day.


Life is complex, and so are our educational experiences. Our interdisciplinary approach encourages students to explore more than one subject at a time, breaking down the walls between disciplines to create a cohesive, big-picture way of thinking about the world.


Let’s get to know each other.

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