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Our Curriculum

Learn Your Way, Within Your World

Discover the Revolution School difference

At Revolution School, we teach you to make a difference in your communities by teaching you differently—in your communities.

Life is complex, and education should be built to match. Our educational approach encourages you to break down the walls between learning and life to create a cohesive, big-picture way of thinking about the world. In the process, you’ll learn to think deeply and substantively about the world around you–and your place in it–and be prepared to take charge of your future.

Personalized Learning Changes Everything

At Revolution School, we practice teaching that puts you first. With a thoughtful four-year progression of coursework, our program is designed to not only build your academic skills but also prepare you for life beyond school.  Personalized learning at Revolution School means that you will work with an academic coach to discover your strengths and challenges and build a holistic learning plan of goals and strategies to propel your achievement. Our small class size ensures that you will receive individualized attention, and our advisory team provides you with mentorship and accountability partners every step of  the way. As part of our community, you will feel a sense of belonging and the freedom to be yourself.

Learning for Life

We believe you need more than academics to be ready for life beyond high school. That’s why we continuously design and curate practical coursework you will really use.

Financial Master Class 

Taught by financial professionals and co-designed with students, this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to make sound, informed financial decisions and build your personal wealth. The knowledge gained in the course will have far-reaching effects for students personally and the economy as a whole.


Whether you’d like to start a business, develop a product, or activate an idea, you will learn how to identify a problem and think like an entrepreneur to solve it. While building your skillset, you will also build your personal networks and earn three college credits.


You will learn to navigate a complicated world through mental models designed to help you consistently make high-quality decisions, understand consequences, and ultimately move forward with confidence.

Experience Matters

Revolution School is located in the heart of Center City where you can experience how what you’re learning in class connects to the world right outside your classroom door. You’ll engage in experience driven, skill-building signature programs designed to help you discover your purpose, increase your agency and grow your personal networks. You’ll work on projects over tests and experience hands-on, connected learning.


Along with regular excursions from our subject area classes, you’ll actively engage with our city’s assets and leaders to apply your learning through fieldwork. Whether it’s collecting data at the zoo for science class, analyzing the impact of colonization through cooking for history class, or creating a business plan with a financial expert for entrepreneurship class, Fieldwork is a hallmark of a Revolution School education and is designed to enhance your learning, ignite your community connections, and expand your ideas about possibilities for your future.


REVternships are opportunities for you to engage in work that is exciting and meaningful to you. After learning the basics of interviewing, business etiquette, professional communication and pitching yourself, you will be paired with a mentor and position based on your interests and future goals. Over the course of 60 hours, you will perform informational interviews, solve authentic problems, and showcase your experience. You will come away with professional contacts, real-world skills, and a better understanding of who you are and what you might want to be.

Putting it all together

What does a Revolution School education look like in practice? In short, it’s pretty different from a traditional high school. If you’re interested in seeing us in action, schedule a visit to see for yourself!


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