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Our Partners

Powerful Partnerships

New connections meet deep community ties

At Revolution School, we partner with individuals and organizations who are helping to shape the greater Philadelphia community in integral and unexpected ways. This benefits our students, who learn new perspectives and essential skills that go far beyond what our teachers can impart. But it also embeds our school deeply within our community, effecting change from the ground up and putting students’ passions into action while they’re still in high school.

Our partners do more than give tours and guest lectures; they become active mentors in our students’ lives. Some work actively alongside faculty to build out rich experiences that have real relevance in our community. Others are instrumental in our wellness program, using their expertise in food, health, and physical fitness to help our students make informed choices around personal well-being.


Our partners

We are proud to partner with these organizations.

AJO Vista

Forza Wellness

We Love Philly

Floss Barber, Inc.

Impact@Cobbs Creek

Careers in Culinary Arts


Cosmic Writers


Real World Scholars



Partnership opportunities

What do partnerships look like?

We build foundational and life-ready skills through our academic coursework, but the essential project, place, and people-based elements of our program happen in collaboration with community partners. Partnerships enhance classroom learning, ensure opportunity readiness, and improve diversity, equity and inclusion in education and the future of work.  

As a community partner, there are multiple ways to engage. 

  • Be a guest speaker and visit us and share what you do, why, and how. 
  • Host a site visit for students to hear about your mission, organization and the importance of what you do.
  • Serve as an expert on call when students have questions or need a sounding board.
  • Provide an internship for an individual project by young people.

Are you a good partner for Revolution School?

Our partners range from community members to institutions to groups of like-minded people, but they all have one thing in common: a commitment to school change and equity in the future of work.

  • Business. Are you a business leader who feels called to make a difference that contributes to and goes beyond your bottom line?
  • Non-profit. Are you a non-profit leader who is committed to broader systemic and scalable change than might be possible within your organization’s programs?
  • Entrepreneurs. Are you an entrepreneurial change maker who wants to expand your mission to support pipelines for change?
  • Government. Are you a government leader who sees the big picture and matches resources with initiatives that can solve problems at the scale they exist?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we’d love to partner with you!


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