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Our Partners

Powerful Partnerships

New connections meet deep community ties

At Revolution School, we partner with individuals and organizations who are helping to shape the greater Philadelphia community in integral and unexpected ways. This benefits our students, who learn new perspectives and essential skills that go far beyond what our teachers can impart. But it also embeds our school deeply within our community, effecting change from the ground up and putting students’ passions into action while they’re still in high school.

Our partners do more than give tours and guest lectures; they become active mentors in our students’ lives. Some work actively alongside faculty to build out rich experiences that have real relevance in our community. Others are instrumental in our wellness program, using their expertise in food, health, and physical fitness to help our students make informed choices around personal well-being.

Our community partners come in all shapes and sizes.
These are the types of organizations we’ll be partnering with:

Arts organizations
Dance, yoga, and martial arts studios
Small businesses
Retail shops
Wood, metal, and fabrication shops
Media companies
Tech companies
Branches of government
Community organizers

Community boards
Grassroots activists
Political parties
Religious organizations
Preservation committees
Advocacy groups
Civic clubs
Artists, writers, musicians, composers, dancers, and choreographers

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Partnership opportunities

What do partnerships look like?

Partnerships look different depending on the organization, the student, and the topic, but they flourish best when both sides are committed, creative and ready to learn. Our advisory lunch program, for example, is about much more than teaching kids about fries and cheesesteaks. Instead, we’ve partnered with the Culinary Literacy Center of the Free Library of Philadelphia, following their lead in “revolutionizing the way Philadelphians think about food, nutrition and literacy.” Through this kind of partnership, our students become familiar with Philadelphia’s rich and complex food culture, learn about the impact of food choices from seed all the way to table, and apply that learning to their own lives and to their wider community.

Are you a good partner for the Revolution Project?

Our partners range from community members to institutions to groups of like-minded people, but they all have one thing in common: a clear idea of what they most want from their work and ours.

As such, we ask that our partners know what they most want and need from their work. We have lots of experience in thinking about how to connect content learning to the world, and we know how to organize young people and move them in directed, purposeful activity. Partners serve students to the greatest degree when they give them meaningful work that allows them to “see behind the curtain” and understand what’s really happening.


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