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To create the most mutual partnerships possible, we ask you to:

Learn about us

Knowing our mission is an obvious one; we’d also like you to explore the academic endpoints for students. The best partnerships are ones that are shared work in service of a common goal. Once we start collaborating you’ll be connected with a point person at the school who will help connect your work to our community.

Define a clear project

Identify a reciprocal need, to engage students in “real work” that builds their competence and contributes to the goals of your organization. This involves examining how you will work with students to build skills, background knowledge, or practices in service of the project.

Consider your resources

Offering your time and work space is always appreciated, You may also have other assets, such as your tools, knowledge or professional networks, that could be of great value to students.

Learn in the process

We know we have a lot to learn from you. We would ask that you can be open to what you might learn from us and the next generation. Our educators can offer strategies for engaging with students, and our students will bring ideas and new ways of thinking. Being a good listener and engaged learner provides the context for everyone to learn.

The Process

Meet a member of 
our team

We do a lot of listening and we immerse ourselves in your work intentionally. We’re waiting to hear what natural connections arise and how we can build on those to create mutually beneficial projects.

Clarify our goals

Together, we’ll incubate ideas, determine project pieces and their best fit, and try out new possibilities. This step allows us to use creative and critical thinking to prepare new projects.

Identify the project

We believe that great ideas will eventually rise to the surface. At that point, we’ll draft a Memorandum of Understanding that lays out the commitments on both sides and serves as a platform for building our project.

Implement the project

There’s only one way to know how it goes. Our project requirements lay out how faculty will shape the learning from the school side.

Reflection and Evaluation

Our students learn from planning, implementing, and reflecting. Your lens provides a deeper layer of assessment that shapes our students’ own perceptions of themselves, their work, and the paths that exits for them. Our partners play an important role in verifying our impact both in the community and on student learning.


Let’s get to know each other.

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