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Tuition & Affordable Access

We Embrace Economic Diversity

In fact, we seek economic diversity as part of our admissions criteria.

Why a sliding scale?

A Revolution School education should be a benefit not a burden. A sense of belonging unleashes our students’ confidence and potential. Financial participation engenders empowerment in the educational experience. When we are transparent with the economics of education, we create a climate of trust.

We don’t set your tuition, you do!

The cost of a Revolution School education guides our range of tuition prices. Community partnerships enable us to hold seats at various price points to ensure the Revolution School community reflects the economic diversity of the city that surrounds us. Your personalized tuition is tailored to meet your household financial situation.

Discover your tuition range.

The calculator below is intended to provide an estimate of how much you might pay based on your household income and other educational expenses. It is not a guarantee of admission and does not reflect your final tuition amount.

We strive to make human, equitable, financial decisions regarding tuition. In determining the final amount, we depend on the integrity of our families in reporting their financial situation. We will be equally transparent regarding our decision process, including the professional judgement of our school administrators.

The cost of a Revolution School education is $25,000. If you wish to be considered for a tuition less than that cost, we require a few key points of financial information, collected through the Parent Financial Statement (PFS), as part of your application. Specifically, we require before-and-after-tax household income and proof of additional tuition (pre-k through college) paid by your household. 

What are the maximum
tuition costs?

The top range of our sliding scale is $25,000. This includes:

  • Tuition
  • Books and classroom materials
  • Field experiences

Daily meal costs are not included.

Will my maximum tuition costs change?

Our Board of Trustees sets maximum tuition fees annually for each new cohort of enrolling students. As a way of helping families manage their anticipated costs over the years of their child’s enrollment, Revolution School holds tuition level constant for each cohort over their time at the school. In other words, the maximum tuition amount a family pays in 9th grade will be constant in the following three years of their education. Although families using the sliding scale will have their contribution calculated annually, it will not exceed the maximum tuition of their cohort.

Can I opt out of the sliding scale plan?

All families participate in the sliding scale of tuition, although some families may choose not to submit financial information, opting instead to pay the top range of tuition as determined by the Board of Trustees. We encourage all families to complete the PFS and get a true placement on the scale. Families who do not complete the PFS commit to paying maximum tuition costs each year that you have a family member attending Revolution School.

What If my family has more than one child enrolled at Revolution school?

The Sliding Scale includes a graduated discount for siblings enrolled in daycare, Revolution School or other independent schools, and/or college. We ask that families detail these commitments as part of the PFS submission process.

How Do I Get Started?

Fill out the PFS form here. Parent information and resources can be found here. The SSS school code for Revolution is 200058.


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