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Weekly Newsletter 12/1/23

Published on Friday, December 1st

Celebrating: the generosity of the Revolution faculty in reaching 100% support of the Make a Difference 2023-2024 Campaign!

December Birthdays: Donald (12/21) and Michael (12/25)

Learning: Join us in learning a few Chinese phrases in celebration of our Curtis students, Kai-Lang and Xiang, and their families as they continue to get settled in Philadelphia. Each week during December, we will introduce phrases that we can incorporate in our daily practice.

   Hello: Nǐhǎo  你好!(Nee how)

   Thank you:  Xièxiè 谢谢  (Shieh-shieh)

   Good morning: Zǎo  早晨好。 (Zhow)

Congratulations to our Beable contest winner, January Faust, who won a $20 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card for reading the most Beable articles in November! Beable is a program that works to improve student reading levels, vocabulary, and comprehension, while encouraging personal interests and career goals. Go Jan! December’s Beable contest starts now with one lucky winner to receive a $20 Amazon gift card before the holidays!

Congratulations to Sudan for being admitted to both Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) and Cheney University at the 2023 PASSHE College Fair!

Hailey, Mae, Cami, Don, Michael, Syd, and Dirk are the Revolution ambassadors attending the 2023-2024 Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC), Bending the Arc Toward Justice: Radical Optimism, Transformational Joy, and Brilliance in St. Louis!

🍎 2023-2024 Academic Calendar

2023-2024 Schedule Q2

🏫 2023-2024 Advisors: Families, please reach out to your child’s advisor with any questions that you may have as we begin the new year.

Monday, December 4: 9/10 students must pack a brown bag lunch!

As part of their Future Ready exploration of careers, 9th and 10th grade students have an amazing opportunity to visit Vicki Bralow, MD to learn about the field of primary care medicine. For scheduling reasons, we request that all students pack a brown bag lunch that day. 

Wednesday, December 6: 11/12 students visit Morgan State University

11th and 12th grade students will have their rescheduled visit to Morgan State. Students should arrive at school promptly as the bus will leave by 8:30am. 

Special Schedule Friday, December 8

Kelly Writers House Field Trip on Friday, December 8th. The trip is scheduled for 1:00-2:30 PM at 3805 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Pizza will be served.

Important Dual Enrollment Information for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Families

Give your student a jump-start to college… for freein partnership with Community College of Philadelphia! Students and families can learn how at the Advance at College meeting on Monday Dec 5 at 12:30pm — click this Zoom link to attend!

Who should consider enrolling in a CCP course: Motivated Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in good academic standing (all grades at C or above). 

The benefits:

  • Each successfully completed course counts as one high school credit and three transferable college credits*, simultaneously! 
  • Gives students a college experience
  • Provides more choice in academic course selection

Enrollment checklist: 

  • Apply online as a dual enrollment student
  • Complete and submit a FERPA form with parent signature
  • Complete placement testing 
  • Attend the Dual Enrollment meeting for students and families on December 5, 2023
  • Meet with Jeanne to identify and select coursework and enroll in a class by Friday, December 8, 2023.

Questions? Please contact

*If a student’s placement level requires foundational coursework, those classes are worth partial credit of 1.5, not a full 3 credits. 4-year colleges vary in their policies on transferrable credits. 

College Funding Webinar

If we missed you, no worries, you can still learn What Every Parent Needs to Know Now about Paying Less for College. This video link will only be available through December so be sure to view it soon. 

Next Step: We are providing our 9th–12th grade families with a no-cost, no-obligation, professional College Funding Evaluation because we know how important the financial piece of college planning is, and that it starts as early as 9th grade. We highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to ‘stress-test’ your current funding plans.

  1. Create your complimentary SMARTTRACK Parent account
  2. Answer the general questions in the quick Assessment (this is necessary in order to get personalized, professional feedback!)
  3. Get your confidential Evaluation

If you already have an account, bookmark this page to login anytime. One parent account per household. We hope you’ll take advantage of these valuable resources.

The New Beable Contest — Read to win a $20 Amazon gift card

Revolution School and Beable continue the competition: the student who reads the most in December will earn a $20 gift card from Amazon! The winner will be announced before the holidays.

Students at Museums in Philly (STAMP) = free admission to museums!

Through STAMP, any Philadelphia high school student can visit 20 museums and cultural sites for free. Just show your high school student ID and enjoy the STAMP discount. Click here for the list of participating museums.

Monday, December 49/10 students must pack a brown bag lunch.

Tuesday December 5 — The Advance at College Dual Enrollment Meeting at 12:30pm on Zoom.

Tuesday, December 5 — 11/12 students visit Morgan State University.

Friday, December 8 — Revolution Family Association Meeting at 8:30 am in Catto.

Friday December 15Holiday Breakfast/2023-2024 Annual Gingerbread Decorating Contest — Half Day, 12:15 pm dismissal for all students.

December 16 to January 1, 2024 — School closed for Winter Break.

Revolution School celebrated Thanksgiving with a traditional feast:

Spanish I and II students complete each other’s original Mad Libs using conjugations of ir and this unit’s vocab words:

The kids enjoy Sustained Silent Reading time:

Chemistry students conducted a lab demonstrating copper electroplating of “accepting metals” as an example of how valence electrons can dictate chemical bonds and mixtures.

On Thursday, Revolution School’s 9th and 10th grade Future Ready class welcomed Logan Levenson, Founder and CEO of Argyle Interactive, to our campus. This field work experience helped students learn about Logan’s career in digital marketing and opportunities for youth to build careers in digital marketing.

Don, Camelle, and Mae did a helpful presentation on Personal Space and Consent. They ended by leading discussion groups:

Students in Revolutions & Citizenship did bit of acting. They read a 16th century dialogue between Pope Julius II and Saint Peter. (Julius couldn’t understand why the gates of heaven were not opening for him.)

Revolution Family Association Meeting: Friday, December 8th at 8:30 am.

Please join us for conversation and coffee. Everyone is welcome to share ideas and join in the committee work!

Free Mindfulness Workshop — December 6, 7:30 pm

Social psychologist and author Dr. Ellen J. Langer will give a free webinar as part of the Alan Hu Foundation Mental Health Lecture Series. Dr. Langer’s talk will be based upon her latest book, “The Mindful Body: Thinking Our Way to Chronic Health”, where she shows that “the mind and body are a single system, and if we embrace the idea of mind-body unity, new possibilities for controlling our health become available to us.” The webinar will include 15 minutes for questions and answers following Dr. Langer’s presentation. Learn more and register.

Free Online SAT Math Classes, Every Friday via Zoom, 7 pmInfinite Mind Tutors, an online tutoring organization, and Math Girl Movement, a non-profit, are offering free online SAT Math classes, designed to help students develop effective strategies and achieve a high score on the SAT exam. Learn more & register.

The Photography Program in the School of Art at the University of the Arts is pleased to announce a Call for Entry for their Spring 2024 Juried Photo Exhibition, A Sense of Place.

Celebrating the creativity of regional high school students, they invite applicants to submit lens-based work that expresses their interpretations of 

  • Community
  • Personal Sanctuary
  • Home

Selected photographs will be showcased in the Photography Program Gallery, located in Center City, Philadelphia from April 13–May 4.

Students are to submit up to three individual entries, along with a completed permission form with parental/guardian consent for those under the age of 18. After the selection process, students have the option to mail/drop off their work at UArts. For students who do not have access to printing facilities or who are unable to deliver/mail their printed photographs to the university, the Photography Program will provide free inkjet printing. Eligible winners will receive scholarship awards to study in their 2024 Pre-College Summer Institute Art, Media & Design program; award amounts go up to the full cost of tuition. Senior students will be eligible for alternate prizes.


Interesting Articles and Resources

  • Teens Spend Average of 4.8 Hours on Social Media Per Day Gallup
  • How to Raise a Self-Driven Child Program Overview:  Join author and expert Ned Johnson to learn why fostering a healthy sense of control is so important for childrens’ intrinsic motivation, success, mental health, and happiness. Parents and caregivers will learn how to pivot from manager to parent consultant, how to be a non-anxious presence and will leave with effective strategies to use with children ranging in age from tots to teens, How to Raise a Self-Driven Child.
  • What Grown-Ups Don’t Understand About School”: What is school really for? Students at Oakland’s Fremont High answer this question with their cameras.

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